What is Cynergee's business model?

Cynergee partners with companies to act as an authorized  distributor for their products on existing Amazon platforms.  Depending on the company's needs, this can done to expand sales  internationally, or to enhance sales in the country/ies where their products are already being sold.  As your partner, we work with you to ensure consistency of your brand image, messaging, and pricing strategy which can be compromised if your products are being represented by unauthorized 3rd party sellers.

Through discussion with the partner and market research, we determine which products are likely to have the best potential in the markets of interest.  We then place a small order for each selected SKU which is shipped to our warehouse in the country where the partner is located.  We take over from there, handling international shipping, customs , warehousing, creation of listings (including translations if needed), management of all FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)-related activities and of collection and reporting of required VAT/sales tax.  

The product mix and quantities for subsequent orders are determined based on sales and profitability metrics and are assessed on an ongoing basis.  

Simply summarized, our business model provides our partners increased brand reach, awareness and revenue without having to incur additional cost, develop new competencies or systems, or deal with the administrative burdens associated with exporting and selling products in other countries.  

What markets do you cover?

We currently cover the US and Europe (UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy).

What types of products does Cynergee represent?

Our current portfolio  is focused on products for home and garden but we are  continually evaluating new opportunities in other categories.   At this time, we do not represent electronic, motorized, or beauty products or products that are ingested.

How can I get more information about partnering with Cynergee?

Simply fill out the information on the Contact Us tab and we will follow-up with you within 2-3  business days.