Cake Carrier/Server/Savers 

Airtight container with flip base for serving and storing.  Perfect for cakes and other baked goods.  

Premium Mixing Bowls

Includes a non-slip base and a lip that has both an handle and a pour spout.  Available in 2 colors and 3 sizes.

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 Garden Seat with Padded Kneeler 

Makes gardening and yard tasks more comfortable and provides under-seat storage for small tools/accessories.

Leaf Grabbers 

Simplifies collection of leaves or other yard debris 

Propagator Trays and Covers

Available in 2 sizes with or without drain holes.  Domed, vented covers also available.

Propagator Sets

Available in single tray or 3-compartment  configurations.  Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

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Multipurpose Storage Box with 5-Compartment Removable Tray

Ideal for storing art  &  craft  supplies, cosmetics, etc.   Available in 3 colors.

10L Glitter Pink Storage Box

 Great for storing paper or other office or school supplies,  small toys, shoes, etc.

Set of 4  Storage Bins includes 1 x 48L, 1 x 10L, an d 2 x 5L bins with  locking clip handles .  Perfect for a variety of household storage needs.

3-Pack of 0.3L Storage Bins is ideal for storage of office or school supplies or other small household gadgets.

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